By Mikko Vainikainen 08.03.2017

In information security, military-grade systems are often viewed as the “Champions League” of the business. Think of sovereign state level resourcing, devoted security officers, fortified data centers designed to survive nuclear attacks, heavily armed guards, and so on. National security systems often use the strongest line of cyber defense known to man: strict physical isolation.


By Antti Hahto 14.02.2017

Lack of communication causes conflicts in relationships and ruins your love life, they say.

For the love of science, user experience ponders these issues between the human and the machine. You may experience its painful relevance the next time you try to use your new bus ticket.


By Kim Paananen 07.02.2017

Back in 2007, when I was studying Automation Engineering at the Tampere University of Technology, I never thought that one day I would be an IT security specialist in a high-tech company.

And yet, 10 years later, here I am! Here’s how my and Intopalo’s paths crossed and finally intertwined.


By Antti Sinnemaa 04.01.2017

Team Intopalo won the Autonomous Vessel with Rolls-Royce Industryhack challenge. Read our previous post here. Here are our tips on how you can win a similar hackathon. 1. Form a diverse team You don’t know what’s going to happen at the hackathon and what the client values. To prepare for the unexpected, choose people who have complementary skills, who work well together and can improvise. We formed a team that could concept, design and build a technology demo within hours.


By Lauri Kortevaara 30.11.2016

Intopalo’s team won the Maritime Hack - Autonomous Vessel with Rolls-Royce Industryhack challenge!

The Industryhack event, held in Helsinki 26-27 November, brought together 8 pre-selected teams to compete for the best autonomous vessel related concept. During the intensive two-day event, Intopalo’s team managed to beat the other teams for the top prize.


By Paula Ylinen 29.11.2016

On November 23rd, Intopalo hosted a VR Afterwork happening at our headquarters in Hermia, Tampere. The place was packed with about 17 virtual reality enthusiasts - it really was great fun!


By Juha Latvala 25.11.2016

In modern organizations, teams tend to be more autonomous than in traditional power hierarchy organizations. However, autonomy in itself is not sufficient to create success.

In my experience, there are five fundamental prerequisites that you need to get right before autonomous teams start to perform well.


By Valtteri Luoma 23.11.2016

Thank you for visiting the Intopalo stand at Sähkötalo last Wednesday. Our experts demonstrated this time Intopalo’s VR training demo and some of our internal research in the machine learning field. It is always a pleasure to share our excitement with same-minded people!


By Paula Ylinen 04.11.2016

Training new employees can be expensive. For one, it takes time; not only from the people involved in the training, but possibly also from co-workers whose work may be interrupted by the new employees familiarizing themselves with the work environment. This is especially true with production lines, where the entire production process could be halted - leading into loss of efficiency and more expenses. In other words, time is money.


By Henry Haverinen 24.10.2016

When information security incidents can have impacts to the real physical world, people talk about cyber security. But what does virtual reality have to do with cyber security? Tom’s video report from the Düsseldorf M2M Summit sheds some light on this tricky question.