Revolutionizing Epilepsy Diagnosis and Treatment Revolutionizing Epilepsy Diagnosis and Treatment

By Kaapo Annala


Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder which has traditionally been difficult to diagnose and treat due to its diverse nature. Patients experience multiple types of seizures and other neurological issues which might seem to be related to something else than epilepsy. 30% of epilepsy patients continue to have seizures and are hard to treat despite efficient treatments available.

To diagnose and treat epilepsy, it’s crucial to be aware of the patient’s full seizure history. Finding effective treatment is virtually impossible if the doctor doesn’t have extensive seizure history at hand. Therefore, it might take considerable time until the disorder can be taken under control.

The information about nightly seizures – which for many stays unnoticed – is especially important. Less than 10% of patients remember if they have had seizures during the night.

Therefore, some patients are hospitalized for several nights for surveillance. Nights at the hospital are an inconvenience for the patient and eat up the hospital’s resources.

Technology Helps to Diagnose and Treat

Neuro Event Labs, an Intopalo spinoff company, has developed a technological solution to ease epilepsy patients’ discomfort from the disorder. The system utilizes advanced computer vision and machine learning.

The non-invasive system is installed in the patient’s home, so there’s no need to spend nights in a hospital bed. The patient doesn’t need to wear any analysis devices either.

The patient is recorded throughout the night with infrared cameras, and the video is analyzed using computer vision techniques. Infrared video allows the patient to sleep how they normally would: with the lights off.

The visual information is supported by bed movement sensors and sound recording. These data points provide additional and/or supportive knowledge for the doctor, who now can see exactly what kind of symptoms occurred during the night.

Not only are doctors capable of making the diagnosis, but evaluating the effectiveness of various treatments is much easier with the help of learning algorithms.

“Development of our product wouldn’t have been possible without very close day-to-day cooperation with Intopalo engineers. Whether it be user experience, machine learning, or IoT security, Intopalo really knows their stuff.”

-Andrew Knight, Chief Technologist, Neuro Event Labs

Promising Comments from Doctors

To date, the system is being used in several university hospitals in Finland and 1000 hours of real recording data have been collected from patients.

Doctors have been pleased with the accuracy and reliability of the Neuro Event Labs’ system. Now it is possible to detect symptoms which previously went unnoticed. In addition, the learning algorithms can help filter out other health issues such as sleeping disorders and heart problems.

All in all, the data is now appropriately quantified. All the information and seizure history is being stored and analyzed in the cloud.

“The system sees things you wouldn’t recognize with human eyes. We’ve been able to gather information which has been crucial in finding the right treatment path. The machine can measure precisely if medication adjustments have had an effect, for example.”

-Jukka Peltola, professor of neurology, world leading neurologist in epilepsy

Investors Onboard

There are 65 million people with epilepsy in the world. Need for this technology, therefore, is huge. Currently Neuro Event Labs is looking for investors to accelerate the growth of the business.

For more information, contact:

Kaapo Annala, CEO Neuro Event Labs
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