Let’s see if we’re a match? Let’s see if we’re a match?

By Raisa Aromaa


The purpose of this post is to give you an idea of what we look for in our future colleagues and to get you pondering whether Intopalo could be the right place for you. You can also look into more info about our recruitment process and the rationale behind it.

You can also contact me, Raisa, for any questions about the process or our culture and ways of working via email, phone or LinkedIn. I’m also happy to chat face-to-face, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel like Intopalo might be the place for you but want to know us better.

So, what are we really looking for and why?

1) Social fit


You need to be able to work comfortably with our way of organizing and our ways of working in order to be both happy and productive. This is crucially important so that you can be part of the virtuous circle of growth and wealth for everyone: the employees, the customers, and the company.

What does this mean?

We work in self-organizing units that consist of roles and which have control over the matters within the scope of that unit. The units and roles are need-based and under relatively constant change. We work in close cooperation with our clients and offer solutions to their problems or needs, so every project varies in any number of ways imaginable.

This requires certain capabilities or tendencies in our employees:

  • willingness to take on challenges and develop new skills (tech or soft)
  • ability to endure (or enjoy) change, unpredictability, and surprises
  • to work both independently and in teams, also with customer representatives
  • ability to make decisions based on partial information
  • good skills in self-management and reflecting, for handling freedom and responsibility

We all take time to adjust to a new way of working and a new environment, and there is support for you with any growing pains you might experience, at the very beginning or later on with a new project, for example, but the bottom line is that in order to thrive in your work, you can’t spend too much time way out of your natural zone. You will love it here if you’re naturally drawn to challenge, change and learning.

2) Motivation


Our way of organizing and working challenges the employees but also motivates on a deeper level. People who have the inner motivation and feel fulfilled through meaningful work and accomplishing their purpose tend to thrive here.

What does it mean?

Although our salaries, bonuses, and benefits are good, the core of motivation at Intopalo is the fulfillment kind. This works for people who get their kicks learning new things, finding solutions to wicked problems, helping others and doing their best, for themselves and others. It means having ambition without greed and understanding the importance of the common context for everybody, an ability to see how your actions affect everybody and everything in that context (colleagues, customers, company and other stakeholders) as well as the commitment to the freedom and responsibility you get.

3) Competence and potential


We operate based on need and look for people who can bring in skills that we lack and need in order to offer solutions to our customers’ problems or people whose outstanding skills in a special area of expertise are seen an opportunity in near future. Ability to learn and adapt skillfully and swiftly is also greatly appreciated and this potential to grow exponentially is a huge asset.

What does it mean?

As we answer our customers’ needs, there are often specific areas of technologies we are looking for in our candidates’ competences. You may have versatile capabilities and be able to jump in numerous projects or be a specialist in a given area and the go-to person with those tasks. Eagerness to continually expand your abilities, whether in technical skills or soft skills, like customer interaction, is built-in in our people.

Having said that…

So, still interested in us after all that? Or, actually champing at the bit, ready to send an application?

If you’re convinced we are a match, go ahead and check out the positions on our career page. If you still want something clarified, contact me and let’s have a chat.

Raisa Aromaa
HR, Recruiting +358 50 599 9955 raisa.aromaa@intopalo.com