Joining forces with Insta Joining forces with Insta

By Juha Latvala


Originally published on LinkedIn on November 1st 2018.

Today I’m beginning a new adventure as the lead for Intopalo Digital, a company created by joining Insta Digital and Intopalo.

This is also a big thing for Insta and I’m looking forward to getting to know my new colleagues also through my second role as Chief Digital Officer at Insta.

A little over six years ago, in the aftermath of Nokia’s meltdown in Finland, three founders of Intopalo set out to create a high performance software company. We did not know enough about setting up a company to correctly label ourselves as co-founders (everyone marked themselves as the founder) nor did our original business plan survive for longer than 6 weeks the harsh realities of business. We quickly got used to the concept of “ideas are worth a beer, good ideas a dinner, and it’s execution that really matters” as we pivoted our way through the software landscape.

We got our act together and found out what we want to stand for. We grew profitably from 3 persons to 75 software digitalization specialist from 14 different nationalities in the span of six years. During this time I feel like I’ve gotten more years worth of experiences than that and wanted to reflect on a few of those.

The value of personality and human interaction.

With digitalization being at the core of our company you might think this a funny angle to focus on. The quality of interaction, dialogue and relationships has however been the single most important aspect of running a company in my experience. I’m truly humbled by the great individuals I’ve met inside our company and at our customers. It’s a privilege to be able to be part of multiple teams that focus on a joint goal and overcome obstacles together. Getting gratification of mutual sense of worth is simply put the best feeling you can have at work.

Our motto of ‘creating value at every interaction’ was an outcome of this realization around year 2 as we started understanding the importance of culture and the foundation for business results to be.

Two-mode approach for decision making

In majority of areas ‘simple rules’ is the way to go. 3-5 rules that in 80% of cases allows for fast decision making and maintains your bias for action. Checklist rules have their place in minority of things. Mainly in areas where the cost of mistakes would be too high to bear. Getting the mix wrong is a sure way of killing innovation, personal ownership or systematic way of delivering results.

Learning to let go of previous model to be able to learn the next one

This on has perhaps been the hardest one. Being a founder for Neuro Event Labs and spinning it out from Intopalo to become its own company in 2015 was tough, but absolutely the right thing to do, and it’s doing wonders today in the computer vision & e-health sector with the incredible talent they have onboard. Also creating Intopalo Digital together with Insta is about letting go of yesterday to gain tomorrow.

Finally, a great thanks to my network of colleagues and friends. You are awesome! So many opportunities have turned into successes because of integrity based social networks. This is especially true here at Tampere where companies are breaking down barriers to co-operate on national and international level. Keep at it, and I’m looking forward to the next years and whatever they may bring!