By Juha Latvala 13.11.2018

Originally published on LinkedIn on November 1st 2018.

Today I’m beginning a new adventure as the lead for Intopalo Digital, a company created by joining Insta Digital and Intopalo.


By Henry Haverinen 24.04.2017

The internet of things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have been hot topics across many industries for the past years. Recent developments in pervasiveness of connectivity, advances in data science and machine learning as well as reductions in the cost and power consumption of hardware are now making it possible for companies to deploy IoT solutions more effortlessly and cost-efficiently than ever before. While there are many examples of IoT solutions generating tremendous value and cost savings for companies, many are still waiting to get started.


By Lauri Kortevaara 30.11.2016

Intopalo’s team won the Maritime Hack - Autonomous Vessel with Rolls-Royce Industryhack challenge!

The Industryhack event, held in Helsinki 26-27 November, brought together 8 pre-selected teams to compete for the best autonomous vessel related concept. During the intensive two-day event, Intopalo’s team managed to beat the other teams for the top prize.


By Valtteri Luoma 23.11.2016

Thank you for visiting the Intopalo stand at Sähkötalo last Wednesday. Our experts demonstrated this time Intopalo’s VR training demo and some of our internal research in the machine learning field. It is always a pleasure to share our excitement with same-minded people!


By Henry Haverinen 24.10.2016

When information security incidents can have impacts to the real physical world, people talk about cyber security. But what does virtual reality have to do with cyber security? Tom’s video report from the Düsseldorf M2M Summit sheds some light on this tricky question.


By Henry Haverinen 04.10.2016

Intopalo, a digitalization solution house based in Finland, and INSIDE Secure, a global leader in embedded security, have started a deep collaboration to provide security solutions for critical Industrial Internet and mobile applications.


By Tom Hannelius 15.09.2016

The M2M Summit is the leading event bringing developers, manufacturers and end users together around M2M, industrial Internet and Industry 4.0. Finland is the partner country of the event and Intopalo, alongside a consortium of 10 leading Finnish ICT companies, will be showcasing our expertise on a joint stand.


By Sami Merilä 11.09.2016

Few weeks ago, on a Sunday we had the first traditional Intopalo Family Fest in the office.

Instead of having *just* kids’ day, this year we invited also the spouses to see and hear what happens in the office.


By Valtteri Luoma 15.08.2016

Welcome to the TampereJS meetup on Thursday 1st of September 2016 (a. 18:00-21:30) located at Talent Space, Satakunnankatu 18A, Tampere. This meetup is intended for hackers, sysadmins, developers, students and anyone else interested in JS.