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Create miracles on any device
Intopalo’s approach to all application development is based on fast iteration and high-bandwidth collaboration of experts in product owner, design and software specialist roles. Read more about service design, technology innovation and fast prototyping.

Web applications

A web application requires no installation, which has huge operational benefits. The technology also lends itself towards fast and opportunistic iteration.

Web applications share the same implementation on all client platforms, which can save a lot of time and money. A progressive web application uses the latest web technology to provide a modern and fluid user experience also on mobile devices.

Android and iOS

Our experienced mobile developers know Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) technologies inside out.

Read more about Intopalo’s collaboration with Suunto on a large-scale mobile application.

Qt applications

Qt gives its users the power to develop modern user interfaces that are beautiful on every screen and perform perfectly on every platform.

As an employer of Qt insiders and a service partner of The Qt Company, Intopalo can make your advanced Qt application a success. Read more about our Qt services.

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Lauri Kortevaara
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