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When change is the only constant
Building effective and successful organizations today is extremely challenging, as the business landscape is constantly changing, at an accelerating pace. Companies across different industries face similar challenges: truly global competition, liberal economic policies, digitalization, and rich and completely new ways to use information, just to name a few. We are moving from a stable to a constantly changing environment; an environment where traditional leadership and management practices fail to work. Excelling in today’s changing environment requires an updated approach to how individuals and teams operate together, a Modern Leadership approach.

Modern leadership
Modern Leadership is a combination of leadership and management principles and practices for today’s business environment. These practices are centered around the ability to work more effectively and efficiently inside continuous change, enabling individuals and teams to work at their full potential. Whether you are just looking to understand more about the possibilities, or have already been applying modern leadership principles and practices, Intopalo’s modern leadership team can help you on your path forward.

We believe in doing
We’ve been proudly developing and applying the practices and principles in our daily work at Intopalo. In addition to us walking the talk, our services are being used by several leaders in international companies which are faced with significant change - such as investments, strategy renewal, restructuring, leadership model and governance change. Our services are also being used in the public sector.

Find out how Tieto and Sabre Travel Network experienced Intopalo’s modern leadership consultation.

Jussi Piispanen
Jussi Piispanen
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