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Secure the return on your tech investment
Security assessment

100% business-driven and 100% practical, Intopalo Security Assessment is the right tool to take the security of your software-powered solution to the next level. Learn more about Intopalo Security Assessment.

Security marketing message

Once you have invested in security, it doesn’t make sense to hide your light under a bushel. Intopalo’s security specialists know how to address customer concerns and sales blockers with a convincing security marketing message. See a case study about Intopalo Security Assessment for HappyOrNot.

Security critical software

Security is not something you can sprinkle on top of software afterwards. It has to be baked in. Intopalo’s security-aware developers build security in right from the beginning, into every line of code. That lets you push your security concerns off the table, and we can focus on securing the return on your digitalization investment.

Read about our cyber security collaboration with Valmet in the extremely security-aware industrial control system domain.

Find out what happened when INSIDE Secure partnered with Intopalo in the research and development of new software security technologies.

Henry Haverinen
Henry Haverinen
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