By Mikko McMenamin 28.01.2019

What is the main application of augmented reality, or AR? If you ask the 800 million gamers out there, the answer probably is Pokemon Go. However, AR has the potential to completely transform the world - to add a new digital layer on top of the old, analogue world.


By Antti Sinnemaa 04.01.2017

Team Intopalo won the Autonomous Vessel with Rolls-Royce Industryhack challenge. Read our previous post here. Here are our tips on how you can win a similar hackathon. 1. Form a diverse team You don’t know what’s going to happen at the hackathon and what the client values. To prepare for the unexpected, choose people who have complementary skills, who work well together and can improvise. We formed a team that could concept, design and build a technology demo within hours.


By Lauri Kortevaara 30.11.2016

Intopalo’s team won the Maritime Hack - Autonomous Vessel with Rolls-Royce Industryhack challenge!

The Industryhack event, held in Helsinki 26-27 November, brought together 8 pre-selected teams to compete for the best autonomous vessel related concept. During the intensive two-day event, Intopalo’s team managed to beat the other teams for the top prize.