By Juha Latvala 13.11.2018

Originally published on LinkedIn on November 1st 2018.

Today I’m beginning a new adventure as the lead for Intopalo Digital, a company created by joining Insta Digital and Intopalo.


By Antti Hahto 27.07.2018

In our previous articles in the A.I. series, we established some background in Pattern Recognition (Go: Post-Mortem Humanity) (Pattern Recognition: Prologue) and introduced a connection to User Experience Design.


By Olli Auvinen 06.06.2017

Teknologiatutkimusyhtiö Gartner (Gartner 8.2. 2017) ennustaa, että muutaman vuoden kuluessa yritykset alkavat merkitä talletettua tietoa taseisiinsa. Data on valuuttaa, joka näkyy osakkeen arvossa ja yritysten hinnoittelussa, mutta miten?


By Juanjo Diaz 03.05.2017

Hello world - I’m Juanjo Diaz and I’ve worked at Intopalo as a Software Architect since September 2015. In this post, I’ll share my experience as a member of Intopalo’s talented community.


By Henry Haverinen 24.04.2017

The internet of things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have been hot topics across many industries for the past years. Recent developments in pervasiveness of connectivity, advances in data science and machine learning as well as reductions in the cost and power consumption of hardware are now making it possible for companies to deploy IoT solutions more effortlessly and cost-efficiently than ever before. While there are many examples of IoT solutions generating tremendous value and cost savings for companies, many are still waiting to get started.


By Antti Hahto 14.02.2017

Lack of communication causes conflicts in relationships and ruins your love life, they say.

For the love of science, user experience ponders these issues between the human and the machine. You may experience its painful relevance the next time you try to use your new bus ticket.