By Zita Székely 14.03.2018

On New Year’s Eve, some of us promise to get a new hobby, a better lifestyle, a better self, or some other improvement in our lives. More often than not, life gets in the way. By the end of January, our grand plans have faded and we simply carry on as before.

For me, becoming a software developer wasn’t a New Year’s resolution. In fact, at the time I was sure I could never become one, even though I had an unshakable feeling inside that I wanted to do it.


By Tiina Knight 25.10.2017

- From the very beginning, we decided that Intopalo will be a global company. Instead of limiting our operations within the borders of Finland, we’d have both an international customer base and international talents working on our projects, says CEO Juha Latvala. - We had a lot of tech know-how from Finnish industries and universities in-house but wanted to go beyond that.