By Zita Székely 14.03.2018

On New Year’s Eve, some of us promise to get a new hobby, a better lifestyle, a better self, or some other improvement in our lives. More often than not, life gets in the way. By the end of January, our grand plans have faded and we simply carry on as before.

For me, becoming a software developer wasn’t a New Year’s resolution. In fact, at the time I was sure I could never become one, even though I had an unshakable feeling inside that I wanted to do it.


By Juanjo Diaz 08.03.2018

Sometimes an everyday event makes you realize something really important. In my case, seeing a Spanish kid trying to learn how to ice skate was a big eye-opener to my own growth as a software professional.


By Olli Auvinen 24.05.2017

Wearable technology is everywhere now. You see an increasing number of activity trackers and smartwatches on people’s wrists. With just couple hundred euros, you can buy a device that counts your steps, measures heartbeat throughout the day, and gives you instructions on how to become more fit. When you wake up in the morning, you can even check how much REM sleep you got last night.